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Nightlife, Things to Do — By christinanellemann on February 22, 2012 at 7:00 am
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There are approximately 28 brothels in Nevada, the only state in the U.S. that has legalized prostitution. Two of the most famous brothels in the state (and maybe the world) are located just outside of Reno and Nevada’s capital, Carson City. In Nevada, legal brothels are not allowed in counties with 400,000 or more residents, so these dens of iniquity are not located directly in the cities.

The Mustang Ranch, just outside of Reno, is the first and oldest operating brothel in the state. It was opened in 1971 by the notorious Joe Conforte and was later closed in 2001 by the U.S. Federal Government when Conforte fled to South America under tax evasion allegations. The Ranch re-opened again in 2007 under a new owner and now it and its sister brothel, the Wild Horse Resort and Spa are thriving again. The Moonlite Bunny Ranch, near Carson City, has serviced the area since 1955 but was not regulated until 1971. It has been made famous for being the subject of the HBO series, “Cathouse” where the owner, Dennis Hof, his working girls and several of their patrons are followed and interviewed for the show.

These three brothels are open 24/7 and accept major credit cards. They are strict when it comes to STD mandatory testing of the women, visual inspection of clients, condom requirements and security and protection of the women and their dates. Each brothel has a bar and the Wild Horse has a restaurant, a pool and jacuzzi and a private backyard area. The local chapter of the Reno Red Hat Society even hosts their lunch meetings at the Wild Horse. The brothels serve single men, single women, couples, and gay and lesbian customers as well as truckers who are allowed to park their rigs in the brothel parking lots overnight.

The women who work at these brothels are called ladies and visitors have their choice of hair color, eye color, body type, nationality and age. The ladies are independent contractors and prices vary between each of them. The state of Nevada prohibits prices being posted in public and each patron and their chosen lady can decide on a price based on what the patron wants and what their budget might be. Most of the ladies charge a couple hundred dollars for the night while some of the more popular or famous ladies will charge a couple thousand dollars.

A typical date might entail a visitor driving from Reno or Carson City up to the locked front gate of the brothel. The visitor will be buzzed in and a security guard will ask them to leave any weapons, cell phones and cameras at the front desk. If they are new, the visitor will get a tour of the brothel and then will have a choice of getting some food or drinks from the bar while talking and getting to know some of the ladies. Some participants may choose their date from a line-up. When chosen, the lady (or ladies) will take the patron back to the room for a chat and to discuss party options and prices. Approximately half the amount goes to the brothel. Both male and female customers will be subject to a check for cleanliness and noticeable venereal diseases and the ladies will ask their male participants to wear a condom. A visitor may have an extended stay at a brothel, but must be accompanied by one of the ladies the entire time. Visitors may also get an escort license to take a lady on a date to “town”.


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