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Reno Outdoor Recreation

Reno Outdoor Recreation April 30, 2012 | Things to Do | Read More
All year long, Reno is a center for outdoor recreation. From the mountains and the rivers to the lakes and the desert, there is a multitude of outdoor sports to choose from in the Biggest Little City. Some of them (like fly fishing) can even be done downtown on the Truckee River. Photo by RenoTahoe

Reno’s 10 Best Hikes

Reno’s 10 Best Hikes April 17, 2012 | Things to Do | Read More
Reno is a natural place to take a hike. The city is surrounded by mountains on all sides and any level hiker will be able to experience high mountain desert and sagebrush or alpine meadows, waterfalls and lakes. Animal life such as coyotes, squirrels, bears and birds are also abundant in these hiking...

Reno Brothels

Reno Brothels February 22, 2012 | Nightlife, Things to Do | Read More
There are approximately 28 brothels in Nevada, the only state in the U.S. that has legalized prostitution. Two of the most famous brothels in the state (and maybe the world) are located just outside of Reno and Nevada’s capital, Carson City. In Nevada, legal brothels are not allowed in counties...

10 Off the Beaten Path Things to Do in Reno/Lake Tahoe

10 Off the Beaten Path Things to Do in Reno/Lake Tahoe December 20, 2011 | Things to Do | Read More
Anyone can go to a casino buffet, ski the slopes of Lake Tahoe or go to a special event downtown, but look just beyond the typical tourist things to do you and you will find that Reno and Lake Tahoe offer a wide range of off-beat and fun things to do for the whole family. Hang gliding or a stream train...

Shop Local in Reno

Shop Local in Reno November 28, 2011 | Things to Do | Read More
Pickled Tink Now that the craziness of Black Friday has ended, take what you have saved and do some shopping at some of your local merchants. There are some great local shops in the Reno area to get that perfect holiday gift. The prices are great and you will be helping out a local store that can really...

Best Reno Museums for Children

Best Reno Museums for Children November 3, 2011 | Things to Do | Read More
Reno is not only a playground for adults, this small city has several excellent cultural experiences for both parents and children. In fact, some of the best places for children to spend their time in Reno is at the area’s museums. Here are the five best museums in the Reno area for the kids (and...

Top 10 Things to Do in Reno

Top 10 Things to Do in Reno October 14, 2011 | Things to Do | Read More
The Biggest Little City in the World has a surprising amount of things to do in such a small area. In the space of a day any visitor to Reno can go for a bike along the Truckee River, visit an award-winning museum or climb a mountain. Adults can live it up at any of the casinos or hiking trails in the...

Reno’s Five Best Hiking Trails

Reno’s Five Best Hiking Trails July 26, 2011 | Things to Do | Read More
There are some great hiking trails within just a few miles of the main tourist area of Reno. Most of these hikes will take you into the foothills or the mountains that surround the city and you will have access to pine trees, aspen groves, flowers, and even wildlife like deer, squirrels, chipmunks and...

Top Five Reno Spas

Top Five Reno Spas July 22, 2011 | Hotels, Things to Do | Read More
During a summer visit to Reno, you’ll most likely find yourself enjoying the many outdoor sports the area has to offer: hiking, biking, swimming up at Tahoe, or just playing around in the Truckee River. A trip to one of Reno’s spas is a great way to relax and recover from your exertions....

Reno on $50 a Day

Reno on $50 a Day July 19, 2011 | Things to Do, What's New | Read More
Visiting Reno, especially during the summer, can be a fun and fairly inexpensive trip. Hotel deals can usually be found from midweek into the weekend and getting around the city can be easy on the public bus system. Hotel deals can be found for around $30-$50 a night depending on the day and what events...
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