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Reno’s 10 Best Hikes

Reno’s 10 Best Hikes April 17, 2012 | Things to Do | Read More
Reno is a natural place to take a hike. The city is surrounded by mountains on all sides and any level hiker will be able to experience high mountain desert and sagebrush or alpine meadows, waterfalls and lakes. Animal life such as coyotes, squirrels, bears and birds are also abundant in these hiking...

Free Things to Do in Reno

Free Things to Do in Reno July 11, 2011 | Things to Do | Read More
The world-renowned Artown Festival, which takes place over the month of July in Reno is in full swing. This arts and music event features hundreds of free things to do for every age. However, there are many other free things that you can do in this city at the base of the Sierra mountains. Many of these...