Weather in Rio – What to Pack

Travel Tips, What's New — By Lucy Bryson on June 14, 2010 at 7:28 pm

As much as we Rio residents might like to have outsiders believe that we spend all our time skipping along sunny beaches in teeny swimwear, the reality is slightly different.

While ‘winter’ in Rio usually amounts to little more than a few chilly evenings that might require a snug cardigan, it has to be said that the onset of autumn this year has brought with it some weather that is actually rather cold.

Some areas of Rio de Janeiro state have seen frost on the ground and temperatures dropping close to zero overnight, and Rio’s beaches have been notably quiet as sun seekers find themselves shivering with cold rather than basking in warm tropical sunshine.

Of course, this throws up some real packing dilemmas for holidaymakers heading for Rio in the hope of a couple of weeks toasting themselves in the sun.

Shorts, vests, strappy dresses and sandals are all well and good, but you’ll need to be teaming them up with sweaters and jeans and (for the girls) tights and leggings if you don’t want to spend your entire time complaining about the cold.

Sunny days quickly turn to chilly evenings once the sun sets, so layering is key here – if you’re heading to Copacabana beach to watch the World Cup matches, for example, slip on your swimwear by all means, but bring warmer cover ups too.

At night, girls can team skirts and skimpy shorts up with tights, leggings and boots, while guys will want a decent pair of jeans and trainers – Rio is a casual city, dresswise, and this look will get you past the door in all but the most exclusive of bars and restaurants.

It might sound unlikely, but you might even want to pack a scarf and gloves for your break in Rio de Janeiro, as those temperatures really are starting to drop at night. Part of the problem is that Rio just isn’t really geared towards cold weather. Central heating is a foreign concept, so temperatures indoors tend to be little warmer than outdoors. Of course, this being Rio, weather is nothing unpredictable, so a heatwave could be just round the corner so don’t ditch the flip flops just yet!

Photo courtesy of Lucy Bryson

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