Rio and the Body Beautiful

Travel Tips — By Lucy Bryson on June 29, 2010 at 11:20 pm

It's not just the girls from Ipanema who flaunt eye-catching physiques...

Perhaps more than anywhere else on the planet, Rio de Janeiro is synonymous with beautiful people boasting tanned, toned and terrific physiques along with model-perfect faces.
But while there’s questioning the fact that there are some eye-poppingly attractive physical specimens to be seen on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro, those of us who don’t harbour hopes of becoming the next Top Model won’t have to much too worry about.

While there is an endless parade of beautiful beach bodies to be ogled, there are plenty of more average shapes and sizes to be seen too. The beaches of Rio are the city’s playgrounds, and every physical type is welcome to come and flaunt what they have or have not got.

The good news for female visitors to Rio is that it’s not just the boys who get to do the ogling – years of practising football, volleyball and capoeira on the beaches, together with months of blazing sunshine, have given many of the city’s menfolk the kind of body that inspires envious looks from the boys and downright lovestruck ones from the girls.

But chaps needn’t panic either – there’s many a stunning girl from Ipanema to be spotted in the city, and most of them won’t expect foreigners to boast the same beach-primed bodies as the locals.

Above all, Rio is a city that celebrates the physical form in all its myriad shapes and sizes – from long and lean to short and curvy, you’ll see all ages and all body types letting it all hang out on the beaches of Rio. And while the locals like to squeeze themselves into the tightest swimwear imaginable, don’t feel you have to do the same – from one-pieces swimsuits to the legendary ‘fio dental’ bikini, feel free to work any beach look. As long as you look and feel comfortable, you’ll be fine. Oh, and don’t forget those sunglasses – perfect for incognito peering at the boys and girls that swagger and sashay past.

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