Precautions for Tourists as Rio Violence Continues

What's New — By Lucy Bryson on November 25, 2010 at 11:09 pm

Tourists in Rio de Janeiro should avoid venturing far from their accommodation, as violent clashes between the police and drugs gangs continue.

While the tourist hotspots are so far largely unaffected by this week’s attacks, gangs are continuing to set fire to cars and buses across the city, making it best to avoid travel where possible.

Streets across Rio de Janeiro are eerily quiet at night as locals follow governor Sergio Cabral’s advice and avoid leaving their homes unless necessary, but tourists should not feel too afraid to visit restaurants, bars and nightclubs close to their hotel, hotel or apartment.

Where possible, ask staff for advice on spots to avoid, and use pre-booked cabs if traveling more than a very short distance.

With the armed forces brought in to boost the police’s power, locals are hoping for a swift end to the week’s violence, which has been instigated by heavily armed drugs gangs revolting against police occupation of several of the city’s favelas.

Tourists planning to visit Rio have no need to cancel their trip to the city, but are advised to exercise more than the usual amount of caution.

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