Bar do Arnaudo – Santa Teresa’s Northeastern Feast

Food, Kid Friendly, Travel Tips — By Lucy Bryson on May 25, 2011 at 4:03 pm

It  looks unassuming from the outside, but this dinky, informal Santa Teresa restaurant (no, despite the name it’s not a bar at all) serves up some of the best value food to be found anywhere in the city.

On the menu at Bar do Arnaudo are delicious dishes from the North East of Brazil, and portions are absolutely mammoth – one portion easily serves two or even three. Best value of all are the set meals, which combine sun-dried meat or slabs of queijo coalho (a hard white cheese similar to Halloumi) with brown beans, aipim (yucca) and farofa (seasononed manioc flour). It all comes accompanied by a little pot of fiery hot chilli sauce, which will have even the heartiest of hot food lovers reaching for the water jug (or the ice cold beer).

Speaking of booze, this is not the place to find fine wine (it’s of the chilled, sweet, red variety here) but a bottle of Bohemia beer washes the food down a treat, while the delicious batidas (cachaca rum with condensed  milk and passionfruit or coconut) are a creamy treat that make a boozy alternative to dessert.

Service here is always friendly, the atmosphere is relaxed, and you’ll never feel rushed – a good thing, given the portion sizes.

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