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What's New — By Lucy Bryson on February 14, 2012 at 4:08 pm

The teeny tiny bikinis of Rio are famous the world over

It’s hard to think of Rio de Janeiro beaches without picturing the famous images of bronzed, bootlilicious ladies in the teeniest, tiniest of bikinis. Brazil’s dental floss beachwear did, after all, generate a whole new style of ‘take it all off’ waxing (the ‘Brazilian’) and it is fair to say that this barely there swimwear is still the most popular style of bikini among the female frequenters of Rio’s legendary beaches such as Copacabana and Ipanema.

But while this may have male visitors hurriedly packing their mirror sunglasses and female visitors anxiously trying to fit in some emergency gym sessions, it is worth pointing out that not everybody on the beach fits the tourist image of the perfect female form. Ladies of all ages, shapes and sizes pour themselves into these tiny bikinis, and while there are indeed some supernaturally beautiful women to be spotted on the sands, those 0f us with more ‘down to Earth’ physiques can feel perfectly at home, too.

Rio’s beaches are open to all walks of life, and that includes those who look less than perfect in a tiny two piece. Oh, and something else to gladden the heart of female readers – the ‘small is beautiful’ attitude to swimwear applies to men, too, and the Brazilian male form is every bit as bronzed and sculpted as the female.

Photo courtesy of Lynn Yocum

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