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The Different Faces of Rio

The Different Faces of Rio March 30, 2012 | Romantic, Things to Do, What's New | Read More
View from Santa Teresa With its soft curves of white sand beaches, lush vegetation and jutting mountains, Rio de Janeiro is arguably the most stunning city on the planet. But there is more to the city than beautiful beaches and beautiful people, and the longer you spend here, the more you will get to...

Eat and Drink Like a Local in Rio

Eat and Drink Like a Local in Rio March 28, 2012 | Food, Kid Friendly, Nightlife, Travel Tips, What's New | Read More
Locals flock to Nega Teresa's acaraje stall While nobody should come to Rio de Janeiro without making the tourist pilgrimages to see the Christ Statue, Sugar Loaf mountain and the beaches of Ipanema and Copacabana, there are times when visitors want to get off the tourist trail and experience the...

Rio de Janeiro for Wine Drinkers

March 19, 2012 | Nightlife, Travel Tips, What's New | Read More
  Restaurante Aprazivel has an all-Brazilian wine list   It’s not difficult to find an ice cold beer in Rio. The locals are happy to sink a cooling glass of cerveja at virtually any time of day or night, and you’re never more than a few feet from a bar or street vendor. Those who...

A Vegetarian’s Survival Guide to Rio

March 14, 2012 | Food, What's New | Read More
Rio de Janeiro is a city that collectively loves to eat meat, with the churrasco (barbeque) the focal point of any party, and the city’s churrascarias (all you can eat meat grills) famous among enthusiastic carnivores the world over. But while vegetarianism is still something if a novel concept...

Relax and Revitalise in Rio State

Relax and Revitalise in Rio State March 7, 2012 | Things to Do, Travel Tips, What's New | Read More
  Ilha Grande: Appreciate nature at its most magnificent While Rio de Janeiro is undoubtedly one of the best places in the world to let your inner party animal roam free, there are times when even the most hardcore of hedonists may begin to crave a little respite from the relentless heat and driving...

Beauty and the Beach

Beauty and the Beach February 14, 2012 | What's New | Read More
The teeny tiny bikinis of Rio are famous the world over It’s hard to think of Rio de Janeiro beaches without picturing the famous images of bronzed, bootlilicious ladies in the teeniest, tiniest of bikinis. Brazil’s dental floss beachwear did, after all, generate a whole new style of ‘take...

Tropical Fruit Feasts in Rio

Tropical Fruit Feasts in Rio February 9, 2012 | Food, Kid Friendly, Travel Tips, What's New | Read More
Brazilian fruits such as guava are delicious when made into a vitamina with milk - or even a batida with vodka or cachaca Meat eaters in Rio de Janeiro are spoiled for choice thanks to the plethora of churrascarias (all-you-can-eat meat grills) to be found across the city, but that’s not to say...

Rio’s Best Bar Food

Rio’s Best Bar Food January 27, 2012 | Food, Nightlife, Travel Tips, What's New | Read More
Bar do Mineiro is famous for its bar snacks Many visitors to Rio comment on the fact that, while the locals seem to drink beer as though it were water and caipirinha cocktails as though they were soft drinks, they rarely seem to get staggeringly drunk. Part of this is down to dedicated practice, no doubt,...

Outdoor Adventures in Rio

Outdoor Adventures in Rio January 20, 2012 | Kid Friendly, Things to Do, Travel Tips, What's New | Read More
With a dramatic landscape that sees mammoth mountains jutting right out of the ocean, crashing waves beating against endless beaches and thick Atlantic rainforest edging right into the city center, Rio de Janeiro can be seen as something of a giant playground for those with a taste for adrenaline-pumping...

Up for the Craic – Irish Pubs in Rio

Up for the Craic – Irish Pubs in Rio January 15, 2012 | Food, Hotels, Nightlife, Travel Tips, What's New | Read More
Photo courtesy of Shenanigans Head to any city, anywhere in the world, and chances are that you will find an Irish pub there. Rio de Janeiro is no exception, and the party-hard Irish spirit fits in perfectly with Rio’s own love of the good times. In fact, given the size of the city and the number...
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