Rome’s Top 5 Romantic Restaurants For Valentine’s Day

Travel Tips, What's New — By Erica Firpo on February 4, 2011 at 1:41 pm

It’s no secret that Rome is the city of love, whether falling in love for the first time, rekindling an old flame or simply falling for the city itself. The Eternal City’s secret name is Amor (latin for love, Roma spelled backwards) for good reason- the city (and its residents) has been in love with itself for millennia. And residents and visitors agree that here it is easy to trip the light fantastic and loose yourself to romance.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, the only recipe for a truly romantic day, weekend or week in the Eternal City is to flavor a piquant itinerary of site seeing and people watching with a pinch of restaurants.

Splurge: La Pergola. The only three-star Michelin restaurant in Rome, led by top chef Heinz Beck. Hanging off the precipice of Montemario hill is spectacular especially the seeming eternal panorama of the city. The menu aims even higher than the hill, with equally alto prices. Cuisine: Nouvelle Italian Can’t get a reservation? Casina Valadier on the Pincio hill, looks at Rome from another perspective. Watch the sunset behind St. Peter’s dome in the balcony dining rome. Cuisine: Nouvelle Italian

Charm: Santa Lucia, hands down the go-down proposal restaurant for warm weather thanks to its tree-lined outdoor platform dining area and spectacular fish-inspired menu. However, the true charm is Santa Lucia’s back room, with its wood panels, warm tones and art work is romantic and cozy, you feel like you are in a private salon. Cuisine: Amalfitana (southern Italian)

Go Back: La Matricianella. Step inside to a scene from 1950s Rome of postcards: shoulder-to-shoulder seating, checkered tables cloths and waiters who know you by name. As a friend recently told me, “The caciopepe made me move to Rome. The waiters made my girlfriend marry me.” Cuisine: Roman

Steal: Roma Sparita. Anthony Bourdain’s preferred posto for pasta, for its quality, price and step-back-in-time je ne sais quoi which ignites all types of romantic flames. Entirely charming and entirely affordable. Cuisine: Roman

Cheap Date: Pizzarium. In Rome, the way to anyone’s heart is through good pizza. And if romance must come with a lower price, then you must seduce with only the very best. Cuisine: pizza al taglio

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