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Vatican Under the Stars

Vatican Under the Stars May 17, 2011 | Travel Tips, What's New | Read More
“What happens at the Vatican (Vatican museums, Sistine Chapel, et al) when it is not open to public?” may be one of the more popular questions I am asked throughout the year. Though I like to imagine the Pope sliding through the halls in his red velvet slippers with his white frock sailing...

Beatification in the palm of your hand

Beatification in the palm of your hand April 29, 2011 | Events, What's New | Read More
Kate and Wills’ wedding buzz got the best of you and you want to continue the information high throughout the weekend?  It’s time to tag along to the Vatican and the beatification of Pope John Paul II. Rome is already filled with hundreds of thousands of tourists and pilgrims, plus left...

Holy Week: Navigating Easter

Holy Week: Navigating Easter April 15, 2011 | Things to Do, What's New | Read More
Holy Week, the seven days leading up to Easter Sunday, can often times be a logistical gran casino for the unsuspecting traveler to Rome. Traditionally, the Eternal City explodes with international pilgrims criss-crossing the city for the celebrations, along with tourists looking for a little southern...

Beatification for Beginners

Beatification for Beginners March 17, 2011 | Events, What's New | Read More
With a t-minus 45 day countdown to the beatification of Pope John Paul II, there are many questions about the event, what it means and its logistics for residents and visitors to Rome.  As the first part in a series of beatification basics, guest writer John Thavis, Rome bureau chief of the Catholic...
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