Salt Lake Bees’ Season in Full Swing

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Howie Kendrick of the Salt Lake Bees (Image courtesy zaui,

Salt Lake City began its relationship with this major league baseball team in 1915. Originally called the Sacramento Sacts, this team Pacific Coast League team relocated to San Francisco for one short year in 1914 before moving into the Salt Lake Valley. Since that time, the team has moved away and come back several times. But in 1994, the team returned to Utah from its final sojourn, and was renamed the Salt Lake Buzz.  Its title changed yet again in 2001 to the Salt Lake Stingers. And finally in 2005, under the ownership of the late car dealership mogul, Larry H. Miller, the team returned to its original name, the Salt Lake Bees.

Today the Bees offer some of the Salt Lake Valley’s most fun, affordable, and pleasant sports entertainment. Playing in the Spring Mobile Ball park from April to September each year, they offer many, many home games that can be enjoyed during Utah’s pleasant summer evenings. This immaculately-maintained stadium offers surprisingly uninterrupted views of the Wasatch Mountains behind its green acres, clean seating, cheap admissions, and vendors of all varieties.

Home games feature various promotions, but my personal favorite is Thirsty Thursdays, on which all beer is 50% off. Ride your bike to the game to avoid parking hassles -and allow yourself to drink a few beers without having to drive home afterward.

Check online for a complete game schedule and list of events.

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