Free Things to Do in Salt Lake City

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Perhaps the best thing a city offers its residents and visitors is an enormous amount of activities and attractions. But almost always these come at a price. Sometimes it can be difficult to find ways to entertain yourself without escaping the city entirely. Luckily for Salt Lake City’s population, it offers several fun and entertaining free summer outings.
Hiking Snowbird (Gregula Image)
Snowbird Hike
Just like most other ski areas, Snowbird Resort offers a healthy selection of summer resort activities. These include tram rides to Baldy Mountain, an alpine slide, a zipline, ropes course, horseback rides, children’s activities, and more. However Snowbird also offers a fairly unique, free, under-the-radar, and totally legitimate activity.
Though the aerial tram costs $14 to ride uphill, the return ride costs absolutely nothing. Those wishing to experience a scenic, fairly strenuous uphill hike may park in the base area and trek up toward the top of Baldy Mountain, following maps located at the base area. A handful of different trails all lead to the same destination — the top of the tram. Once there, save your knees (and a lot of time) and ride the tram back down all 2,900 vertical feet to the base area. Situated high in Little Cottonwood Canyon, Snowbird enjoys much cooler summer temperatures than the Salt Lake Valley below.

Snowbird Tram (Zaui Image)

Temple Square Tour
The famous Temple Square is a must-see for every Salt Lake resident or tourist. Whether Mormon or not, you would be hard-pressed to be unimpressed by this monumental and ornate collection of buildings in downtown Salt Lake City.

Temple Square (The Infamous Gdub Image)

Though anyone is free to walk the grounds during the daytime, many miss the fact that guided tours are offered totally free of charge. When arriving in the Temple Square, simply keep your eye out for badged missionaries often clustered around the multiple, signed visitors centers. Don’t worry; though the missionaries come to Temple Square to share their history and faith, they will not attempt to convert tour groups on the spot! Relax and learn a bit about Utah’s unique story.

Salt Lake City Farmers Market at Pioneer Park (류동협 Image)

Farmers Markets at Pioneer Park
Nearly every city has one. But farmers markets share a special place in summer nostalgia. Salt Lake City’s Farmers Markets take place in Pioneer Park (379 South 300 West) every Saturday morning 8am-1pm (mid-June through mid-October) and Tuesday afternoon 4pm-dusk (mid-August through mid-October).
During these markets, a huge number of vendors come out to proffer goods ranging from the traditional — vegetables, fruits, and handcrafts — to the ecclectic — fresh ethnic foods, jewelry, and more. True, the wares aren’t given away for free, but entrance costs nothing, and you can have a lot of fun simply strolling through the rows and sipping a cup of coffee.

Twilight Concert Series (Wickenden Image)

Twilight Concert Series
There’s a reason I keep writing about this series; the Twilight Concerts are not something to be missed! One of Salt Lake’s best social, evening traditions, the Twilight shows are open to all, completely free of charge, and bring some of the world’s best contemporary and classic artists to the area.
Though the summer days in Salt Lake can get quite hot, the nights usually offer some of the most pleasant conditions imaginable. To best enjoy one of these Thursday night concerts, ride a bicycle to the show and take advantage of the free bike “valet” parking; this way you may enjoy a beer or two without worrying about driving later. This year’s series kicked off on July 14 and will conclude on August 25. Gates open at 5pm and shows start promptly at 7pm.
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