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Let’s be honest. If you’re looking for late night dining in Salt Lake City, you’re not going to find much beyond 10 or 11pm. However, a few of the city’s restaurants stay open just a little later than the others.

The Bayou (645 South State; 801-961-8400) is one of Salt Lake’s most reliably packed restaurant-slash-bars. Serving Cajun cuisine, more than 200 beers, and keeping a consistently busy live jazz schedule, the Bayou thrives. Remarkably, the kitchen stays open until 12:30am, serving a reduced menu after 11:30pm. This is a 21+ establishment.

Ahh Sushi (22 East 100 South; 801-359-6770) is a classic downtown, basement joint that on one side serves sushi, and on the other serves beers. The restaurant makes  food until 11pm, but usually stops seating around 10:45.  If you find yourself facing a wait for a table or a place at the sushi bar, simply grab a beer at the alcohol bar, Oh Shucks!, and nibble on some peanuts while you relax. The fishbowl-shaped beer glasses are enormous. Ahh Sushi runs occasional ½-off specials on rolls, so call ahead to ask if you’re curious. Both the restaurant and bar are 21+ only.

If you happen to be out very late and must eat, Los Betos (1122 South State Street; 801-596-8100) keeps its doors open around the clock. However, this particular Mexican restaurant neither specializes in health food, nor in fresh cuisine. Think huge, slathered burritos, rice, and greasy heaviness.

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