Top Five Fine Dining Establishments

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Takashi (18 West Market Street; 801-519-9595) appears over and over again as one of Utah’s best restaurants. Serving Japanese cuisine, Takashi knows the difference between an inventive roll and a true gastronomic delicacy. For dinner, try their numerous specialty (and traditional) rolls, entrees, appetizers, sakes, and deserts.

The New Yorker (60 West Market Street; 801-363-0166) stands just a few seconds’ walk west of Takashi and serves American and continental cuisine heavy in top-notch meats and seafood. Ask your server for a recommendation from their lengthy wine list to match your veal or lamb plate.

The Paris (1500 South 1500 East Street; 801-486-5585) enjoys a romantic location in the 15th &15th neighborhood. Serving decadent cuisine in the gourmet French tradition, this restaurant specializes in excellent and knowledgeable service designed to help you best savor this fine dining establishment to its full potential.

Fresco Italian Cafe (1513 South 1500 East Street; 801-486-1300) stands just across the street from The Paris and serves traditional Italian dinners in a charming and intimate dining room. Meals are crafted with fresh herbs, homemade sauces, and are served by candlelight. Given its exceptional food, generous wine list, and expert service, this is a true fine dining restaurant.

The Metropolitan (173 West Broadway Avenue; 801-364-3472) steps out of Old Europe and into the 21st Century. Crafting new American cuisine in an ultra-modern restaurant, this chic establishment draws from the freshest local ingredients possible to create an ever-changing menu to match every season.

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