Salt Lake City’s Best Cafés

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Salt Lake City contains a truly surprising volume of coffee shops. And while the number of these might seem excessive, the industry thrives. Catering to students, business persons, love birds, and connoisseurs of leisure, these cafes tend to be busy around the clock.

Coffee Garden (878 East 900 South; 801-355-3425) is almost completely packed on any day of the week, and at any time of day. Located in one of Salt Lake City’s most coffee-thirsty neighborhoods, 9th & 9th, the Coffee Garden offers a modern, fairly spacious environment in which to chat, play chess, check your email, or view its current art displays. Though there are plenty of tables and outlets for laptops, the wireless internet here is often stretched quite thin; if you must accomplish a real amount of work, consider another location.

Salt Lake Roasting Company (320 East 400 South; 801-363-7572) serves as one of the city’s most classic coffee houses. Operating out of a two-story building between Downtown and the University of Utah, this caters to students and business persons alike, and offers ample working and eating space. In addition to coffee, Salt Lake Roasting provides a better-than-average food menu, offering fresh and healthy sandwiches, soups, and desserts.

Coffee Connection (1588 South State Street; 801-467-4937) entered the city’s busy cafe scene in the summer of 2007, quickly establishing itself as one of the most popular and enjoyable places to grab a brew. Opened by a fine artist/ jeweler/ DJ, Coffee Connection provides a very visually pleasing place to study or work, as well as a pipeline into the city’s cultural scene. Take a look at the rotating art displays whilst you enjoy your beverage or lunch.

Sugar House Coffee (1100 East 2011 South; 801-883-8867) occupies a bright, fairly spacious building tucked into the center of Salt Lake City’s Sugarhouse neighborhood –yet slightly back and away from its bustling, main drag. Providing one of Salt Lake’s best environments in which to settle in for a multi-hour work/study session, Sugar House Coffee offers a variety of sitting arrangements, plenty of natural light, its own parking spaces, a substantial food menu, and a robust wireless internet connection.

Alchemy Coffee (390 East 1700 South; 801-322-0735) has a stronghold in yet another neighborhood of Salt Lake City, Liberty Heights. Catering to the young and artsy crowd that tends to live nearby, Alchemy Coffee fills the walls of its relatively small dining room with locally-made art, and keeps a busy performing arts schedule. Additionally, Alchemy offers soups, sandwiches, and wireless internet. Because of the cafe’s petite size, you won’t have to compete very much for a wireless signal here.

Coffee Noir (1035 East 200 South; 801-532-3212) occupies a quiet building on a quiet corner of a quiet neighborhood, just south of the Avenues and west of the University of Utah. Providing limited indoor and outdoor seating and wireless internet, Coffee Noir provides an excellent, modern-yet-cozy environment in which to work without interruptions… or simply enjoy a morning coffee.

NoBrow Coffee (315 East 300 South; 801-364-3448) aims to please Salt Lake’s hipster crowd, serving coffee and tea in a modern, art-filled space ever since 2006. In keeping to a clean aesthetic, the dining room itself has fairly limited seating. In addition to its coffee, NoBrow actually has its own skateboarding team.

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