Mud Season Approaching: Alternative Activities During the “Off Season”

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People love Utah for its great outdoors. But in an area whose mountains receive 500 inches of snow each winter, warmer spring temperatures can’t help but create an awkward “in-between” season – when the snow is melting, and when mud covers the trails. But it is during this time that you have the chance to check out Salt Lake City‘s other, off-the-beaten-path, recreational opportunities. Whether you’re coming during mud season – or during any time of year, for that matter – check out these activities for a way to stimulate your body and mind when the mountains are inaccessible.

Yoga at the Shiva Center

The Shiva Center is Salt Lake City‘s most well-rounded, most talked about yoga center. Offering an extensive class schedule, a talks and lectures calendar, and an impressive roster of instructors, the Shiva Center has a breadth and depth unmatched by any other yoga studio in the valley. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or expert practitioner – and whether you prefer Ashtanga, Hatha, or Vinyasa – this studio offers a class to optimize your needs. Specialized sessions and non-yoga offerings are available, including kids-specific classes, relaxation courses, Kalari, and Kundalini. Check out “Yoga for Athletes,” “Yoga for the Neck and Shoulders,” or “Yoga for the Back and Spine” if you have specific ailments needing attention.

Indoor Rock Climbing

Look up at the Wasatch Mountains, and you won’t be surprised to learn that this spectacular region is home to one of the nation’s most active and populous rock climbing communities. But even rock climbers have to work, and in a city where year-round climbing isn’t always immediately available, these climbers need a place to train. In Salt Lake City, you’ll find three major facilities. The Front Climbing Club stands the closest of all to downtown, and is a bouldering-only gym – meaning you need neither rope, nor partner, to enjoy the world-class, indoor climbing there. Just a pair of shoes… and if you don’t have those, you can rent them at the front desk.

If you prefer roped climbing, head a bit farther south to Momentum Climbing, the area’s newest gym and best indoor roped climbing facility. Momentum also offers bouldering, so if you’re located in the southern end of Salt Lake Valley and don’t have a partner, you needn’t commute north to The Front.

Rockreation is Salt Lake City‘s oldest gym, and stands toward the center of the valley. If you’re based in South Salt Lake, and are looking for bouldering or roped climbing, come check out this gym.

Sky Diving and Surfing in the Salomon Center

No, you won’t actually be skydiving or surfing in this building, but you’ll be doing something darn close. Make reservations if you want to try height-less skydiving in the iFly wind tunnel, or the Flowrider wave simulator. Both are popular and totally out-of-the-ordinary ways to get active while the mountains are inaccessible.

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