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Discover Your Own History

Discover Your Own History March 7, 2012 | Culture, Free, Out of the Ordinary, Things to Do, Travel Tips, Winter Activities | Read More
HerryLawford image; Salt Lake City was founded by Mormons. And though this religion often falls prey to urban legends and spooky rumors, the fact is that the Church of Jesus Christ-of Latter-day Saints offers innumerable benefits to Salt Lake city’s visitors and residents – regardless...

Free Things to Do in Salt Lake City

Free Things to Do in Salt Lake City July 23, 2011 | Events, Food, Free, Live Music, Nightlife, Summer Activities, Things to Do, What's New | Read More
Perhaps the best thing a city offers its residents and visitors is an enormous amount of activities and attractions. But almost always these come at a price. Sometimes it can be difficult to find ways to entertain yourself without escaping the city entirely. Luckily for Salt Lake City’s population,...