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Happy Hour in Salt Lake City

Happy Hour in Salt Lake City January 8, 2012 | Food, Happy Hour, Late Night, Travel Tips | Read More
Bob B. Brown image; www.flickr.com Happy hour serves many functions. It can be a way to refuel after a day of skiing, or a time to catch a beer with your coworkers at the day’s end. Or it can be a good chance to check out a new-to-you restaurant. Whatever the case, happy hour always involves discounted...

Late Night Dining Salt Lake City

Late Night Dining Salt Lake City September 28, 2011 | Food, Late Night, Nightlife | Read More
Scottks1 image; www.flickr.com Let’s be honest. If you’re looking for late night dining in Salt Lake City, you’re not going to find much beyond 10 or 11pm. However, a few of the city’s restaurants stay open just a little later than the others. The Bayou (645 South State; 801-961-8400) is...
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