5 Free Things to Do, See or Hear in Salzburg

Things to Do — By Lorraine Seal on August 1, 2011 at 1:19 pm

A stay in Salzburg doesn’t have to break the bank. Many of the most interesting, beautiful or unusual sights are free and readily accessible to most visitors. Here are a few of my favourite free sights to see or things to do.

Climb Kapuzinerberg. The taller of the two mountains on either side of the river in the city centre, Kapuzinerberg just begs to be climbed. There are several ways up to the top and plenty to see along the way. It’s a pleasant respite from the sometimes crowded streets and sidewalks and, as your reward, there’s a wonderful view of the city spread out beneath you. In addition, there’s a stub’n serving beer and snacks at the top.

Dwarf statue at Mirabellgarten

Photo by Lorraine Seal

Dwarf garden and children’s playground at Mirabellgarten. After admiring the flowers and statues of Mirabellgarten—all of which are free—don’t miss a couple of less-well-known sights. There’s a delightful small garden to the side lined with statues of playful dwarfs. To find it, stand by the Pegasus statue with your back to the Schloss. Look up at the wall in front of you, and you should see a short flight of steps. Take those to the dwarf garden.

In addition, just down from the dwarf garden, there’s a great children’s playground so youngsters can work off the wiggles.

Thursday Schranne Market in Salzburg

Photo by Lorraine Seal

Schranne Thursday Market. The most popular farmer’s market in Salzburg is the Schranne Market held every Thursday morning in front of Andräkirche, opposite Mirabellgarten. It’s chockfull of fresh local produce, fish and meats of all descriptions, baked goods, cheeses, cut flowers and plants. But there’s so much more to see—clothing, hats, brushes and wood products, embroidered goods, cleaning supplies—and much, much more. Keep it in mind when thinking of souvenirs to take home, too. Best of all, it is, hands down, the best place in Salzburg for people watching.

Mozart, Haydn and more. You don’t have to buy concert tickets to hear wonderful music performed by top-tier musicians. You can hear Mozart’s masses performed in the church where he sometimes conducted them himself. Mass in many Salzburg churches is sometimes performed by chamber orchestra, soloists and chorus. The Franciscan church of St Peter, for instance, has a printed schedule of its Sunday and holiday masses with music, as well as occasional Sunday afternoon concerts. There is something profoundly thrilling hearing a soprano’s soaring song in this magnificent Baroque church.

Hangar 7. At the edge of Salzburg’s Mozart Airport sits Hangar 7, a steel-and-glass ellipsoid building that houses a world-class collection of historic aircraft, helicopters and Formula 1 racing cars. The collection includes such rarities as the Lockheed P-38 Lightning, a North American B-25J Mitchell, a Chance Vought F4U-4 ‘Corsair’ and a DC-6. It is owned by Red Bull creator Dietrich Mateschitz, and admission is free. Hangar 7 also houses high-concept—and high-priced—restaurant Ikarus and two café bars.

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