Travel Resolutions for 2012

Travel Tips — By Lorraine Seal on November 30, 2011 at 2:19 pm

Salzburg in Mist

Photo: Flickr User Gatanass

With the New Year nearly on us, it’s not too early to make some resolutions to ensure even more fulfilling travel in 2012. Here are my intentions for getting the most from upcoming adventures:

  • Read more about the history and culture of places I plan to visit. Right now, I’m deep in the fascinating history of the Hapsburgs, the family that ruled most of Central Europe for over 600 years.
  • Put itineraries, bookings confirmations, background research and ideas on my Kindle. This lets me carry around a ton of information in my handbag, so I can retrieve the information I need without fumbling through notebooks and scores of loose pages.
  • Look past the superficial décor of hotel rooms to see if those things essential for comfort have been provided. I’m not talking about luxury or glamour. The worst hotel experience I had recently was not simply that the room was over a nightclub that offered live music until 4 a.m. It was that in each of the  three (overhead and bedside) lights in  the room, there was a measly 40 watt bulb. Not only could we not sleep, we didn’t have enough light to read – or even to see if our socks matched.
  • Last of all, allow time to relax in our destinations, even wander off itinerary. Having a few hours to get lost in the wilds of Slovenia – or the wynds of Edinburgh – open possibilities for memorable adventures.

Best wishes for 2012 and Gute Reise!

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