Sweet Dreams in Salzburg

Food — By Lorraine Seal on February 10, 2012 at 2:26 pm

Salzburg is famous for its chocolate confections.

Photo: Flickr user Chocolate Reviews

Here are my picks for Salzburg’s Top Five Chocolatiers:

Salzburg’s traditional Cafe-Konditorei Fürst is famous for its signature candy, the Mozartkugel. Created by Paul Fürst in 1890, these rich concoctions start with a pistachio centre surrounded by marzipan and nougat and then coated with chocolate. You’ll see Mozart balls displayed everywhere in shops around Salzburg, most wrapped in gold and red foil. It’s the silver and blue foil that distinguishes the original Fürst confection.

Sold at the flagship shop at Brodgasse 13, near the top of Altermarkt, Fürst Mozartkugeln are also available at the chocolatier’s other shops: Mirabellplatz 5, Ritzerbogen/Sigmund Haffnergasse and Getreidegasse 47.

With their layers of intense flavour and extraordinary sweetness, Mozartkugeln may not be to your taste. Never fear: Fürst also offer traditional chocolates, nougats, truffles and other specialities. The Fürst cafes are also a popular stops for ice cream, ice coffee, pastries and coffee.

Braun, at Churfürststrasse 4 (near Cafe Tomaselli) is the Salzburg branch of a 100-year-old family-run confiserie based in Hallein, south of Salzburg. For four generations, the family has created mouth-watering confections from long-held family recipes. Renowned for their high-quality ingredients, these chocolates and truffles are swooningly wonderful. My favourite, the rich, deceptively simple Keltonhelm, seduces with just one bite. There are also French specialities, including pastel-tinted macaroons. The shop’s simple elegance keeps the focus on these hand-crafted delicacies.

Confusingly, there is another chocolatier called Braun in Salzburg, this one located on narrow, winding Judengasse (at No. 1) in the most medieval part of the city. Based in Vienna, it also features mouth-watering hand-made chocolates. Its most popular selection, called Venus’ Breasts, have chestnut-cherry-cognac centres, presented in a pair, one coated with dark chocolate and the other in white. Delicious! The shop also features packaged chocolates in a large assortment of flavours and types from around the world.

La Chocothek at Getreidegasse 40 also offers a wide assortment of hand-made truffles as well as packaged chocolates and other treats from a variety of the best manufacturers. Create your own assortment by choosing individual truffles and chocolates from the arrayed selection. You’ll find plenty of ideas for gifts, too.

Finally, one of the more intriguing shops is Zotter Schoko-Laden at Herbert-von-Karajan-Platz 4. Located slightly below street level, the colourful displays of brightly wrapped chocolate bars and the ranks of hand-dipped truffles are simultaneously mysterious, inviting and cheerful. The minimalistic shop design is warmed by colour and lighting. Zotter proudly offers only organic and Fair-Trade products sourced from producers around the world. NOTE: Due to the renovation of the Hotel Blaue Gans, Zotters is temporarily closed until mid-to-late March, 2012.

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