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Rupertikirtag 2011

Rupertikirtag 2011 October 1, 2011 | Events, Things to Do | Read More
'Rupert', the patron of Salzburg, at the opening of Rupertikirtag. Rupertikirtag, Salzburg’s festival in honour of its patron, St Rupert, is held every September. ‘Rupert’ himself, shown here, marks the opening of the five-day event by tapping the beer barrel. Photo: Lorraine Seal Barrels...

Rupertikirtag: Salzburg’s Own Festival

Rupertikirtag: Salzburg’s Own Festival August 2, 2011 | Events, Things to Do | Read More
Late each September, the many platzes of Salzburg’s Altstadt are transformed into a gigantic fair and traditional folklore festival, Rupertikirtag. St Rupert was the first Christian missionary to Salzburg and, perhaps not incidentially, a tireless promoter of the salt trade that made Salzburg rich....