5 Best Nightclubs in San Antonio

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San Antonio: a place of cowboys and cowgirls, chuckwagons and ranches and the ever so popular Alamo. If you think the only entertainment in San Antonio are saloons, then think again. Texas’ most visited city has an exciting nightlife that goes much further than your Midwest watering hole. Below are the five best nightclubs in San Antonio.

As the name suggests, Swig Martini Bar in San Antonio is no place just for a round of bud lights. You’re going for the good stuff at Swig Martini Bar, with an extensive liquor list that will keep you coming back from more. It also features the largest humidor on the riverwalk.

Casbeers, not to be confused with Casper, certainly is nothing to look at or write home about, but once inside it comes alive. One of the better area venues for local and regional music acts, you’ll find live entertainment throughout the week. Though Swig Martini Bar may not be so, Casbeers is that bar you’ll go for your classic brews.

San Antonio nightlife is often know for its Midwest flair, yet you’ll find a touch of elegance as well, such is the case with Club Rio. If you like the velvet rope and the ambiance of a Los Angeles club, then this is the place you’ll want to be. This is where you’ll find the upper elite of San Antonio.

The Bonham Exchange is a little different than your typical San Antonio bar or lounge. First of all, it’s primarily a contemporary dance club, so you’ll find loud music and plenty of moves being busted on one of the most well-known dance floors in San Antonio. Although it still caters to all people, it primarily attracts the gay and lesbian crowd. The club features three different dance floors, plus an outdoor patio that’s popular for gathering in-between dancing.

You’ll find a little something of everything at Graham Central Station. Each night at the San Antonio nightclub typically features something different, ranging from college night to ladies night to business night. Graham Central Station often features live music and is renowned for their karaoke.

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