Got the SD Chills? We’ve Got the Cure

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While it’s rather dreary here – at a chilly 60 – tourists are still flocking to the city to enjoy all that San Diego has to offer, even if it’s sans the beach. What is there to do if you’re feeling a chill and can’t be bothered to don more than jeans and a tee? Here are the top five things to hit up when vacationing in San Diego when the weather isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

1. Enjoy a bit of north county as you relax in some of the high-end amenities that a day at the spa includes at La Costa Resort & Spa, from deep herbal rubs and sauna rooms to the 18 hole golf course and prestigious restaurants including Legends and the Blue Fire Grill. Sitting atop Carlsbad hillsides just a few miles from Plaza Paseo, Carlsbad Outlet Mall and Legoland, it’s a serene venture that will transport you not only out of the bad weather, but out of this world.

2. Sip some tea and warm your toosh, at La Jolla’s Pannikin. The local chain, which has been a force to be reckoned with throughout the county for over two decades, offers up several locations throughout the city though the Girard spot offers something really spectacular – a fireplace. Nestled deep within the shop’s corners, as it mostly boasts wide exterior  patio seating, Pannikin’s freshly baked pastries, random assortment of breakfast/ lunch dishes and freshly ground coffee or tea that tastes real and warms you heart and soul.

3. If you’re still hoping to catch a glimpse of that sunny San Diego everyone talks about, make it yourself with a frosty glass of beer from Stone Brewing. The location in it of itself would capture some of that warmth – as Stone Brewery’s east county location is, on average, ten degrees warmer daily. Rather, it’s the freshly brewed beers that will really get you ‘buzzing.’ Go early and wait in line for a free tour, where knowledgeable staff will take you on a ride through the small refinery before serving up four flavorful samples for free. To keep the buzz going, nosh on the famous pretzels and mustard, or sausages – all made from local ingredients.

4. Fresh off your voyage into the north and east counties, try something more ‘normal’ on for size while visiting the “Whales Vagina.” Get your body’s temperature up with the heat of the dance floor, found at Envy at the Ivy Hotel. Offering up dance moves and tunes for all sorts of characters – from the hip-hop thugs to the trance movers and shakers, the four story club will get your body hot and sweaty as you rub up against some 100+ of your newest friends.

5. With the threat of rain looming, it’s typical to want to cuddle up and enjoy a movie. San Diegans like to switch it up a bit, and make an adventure of their own by way of the Reuben H Fleet Science Center, which offers up educational IMAX films in Balboa Park. Apart from holding some unique exhibits, the Fleet Center hosts the world’s first IMAX Theatre, bragging of a dome 10 times larger than a typical movie screen. So throw away those 3D glasses from “Alice in Wonderland” and grab this week’s film, “Hubble,” narrated by Leo DiCaprio.

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