S’Mores Fire Pits for San Diego

Travel Tips, What's New — By meaghanclark on May 14, 2010 at 3:40 am

If you’re a San Diego resident and you haven’t roasted marshmallows on one of the several sporadic beach fire pits around the county, you’re missing out.

San Diego has been all about the pits lately, as budget cuts nearly forced removal of these infamous concrete blocks. Just in time, non-profits came to the rescue (much like last year when an anonymous donor provided enough dough to keep the conversation starters around for another year) – this time around The San Diego Foundation pulled in a grand total of $90,000 to keep them around for a year.

With our great weather and devotion for all things outdoors, the 186 fire pits that are sprinkled throughout San Diego’s beaches are “iconic gemstones,” as Foundation President and Chief Executive Bob Kelly put it when talking to the San Diego Tribune.  “They help us create lasting memories and build strong sense of community. To not have them would be a great loss to our communities and future generations who have yet to enjoy them.” Hopefully by the times the funds run out this time around – July 2011 – California’s economic troubles will be back on track and such luxuries of making s’mores on the beach will be less abnormal.

[image from flickr]

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