Welcome to Summer, San Diego

What's New — By meaghanclark on July 16, 2010 at 9:33 pm

Up until two weeks ago, San Diegans had been praying for sun. After several fires and a heat wave that is pushing east county to well over 100 degrees, locals are biting their tongues (just a bit).

On Tuesday a brush fire following training exercises at Camp Pendleton quickly spread to more than 3,500 acres overnight. Just 24 hours later the sparks were contained by more than 60 percent. Much like Tuesday’s fire, on July 16 a similar situation happened with University Heights residents. Though there weren’t any training practices, the humidity and winds forced several helicopters to put out the powerful force. Charring just four acres, the flames forced 30 residents to evacuate as its cause is still being investigated.

It’s safe to say that summer has arrived, and while the three digit heat is not all that common, fires are. Even so, the shimmering sun and cool breeze is welcomed by all. After weeks of envying in the East Coast’s heat wave, San Diego residents have received a similar fate with record temperatures. On Thursday evening coastal residents were caught with a surprise shower after news that thunderstorms had hit inland valleys just hours before. A similar fate is expected for the weekend.

Sunscreen, beach hats and shades are a must if you’re hitting San Diego favorites like Coronado, Blacks, La Jolla Shores or more.

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