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For any college student, beach-loving local, they are all too familiar with this view. It was taken on a gloomy afternoon (we’ve been getting a lot of those lately) at the last place where San Diego is allowed to rebel: Kate Session Park. High up Mount Soledad in Pacific Beach, Kate Session Park isn’t celebrated for the work that its namesake created for future San Diego residents for decades to follow, but for its afternoon exception – alcohol.

That is, right now it’s accepted. But it might not be for long. So if you’re thinking this view looks pretty amazing and want to enjoy it with a nice cocktail or glass of red wine, scoot on up Lamont Street from Garnet and you’ll find rolling grassy knolls, picnic tables and on three-day weekends a few too many booze loving fools who throw around the football like they did their high school education.

While this coveted “run-around-the-system” area might not be in San Diego for much longer (much like the ban on the beach), there is still a few things locals can appreciate here. Aside from the very stunning view, which captures everything from downtown’s skyscrapers to Coronado’s fading bridge, this park still offers all that its namesake grounded.

Named after a local botanist, horticulturalist and landscape architect who became one of Balboa Parks pioneers, Kate Sessions was actually born in San Francisco. She moved to San Diego in 1884 and became a well known florist with shops throughout the city. A decade later she worked with the city to protect 30 acres of land originally hailed as City Park (today’s Balboa Park), where she promised to plant 100 trees a year. To say the least, those 30 acres have long expanded and so did the 100 trees a year promise.

Aside from its obvious history, Kate Sessions Park is also one of the few sponsored sites in Pacific Beach. The PB Town Council hosts summer concerts on the greens, promoting local bands and community foundations. This year acts like The Palominos, ROCKOLA and others filled the ears of locals on lazy Sunday afternoons.

Let’s try to avoid the hangover clichés and instead treasure all this landscape has to offer – who knows how much longer these things are going to be around.

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