San Diego Flooded: Rain Shuts Down City

Things to Do, Travel Tips — By meaghanclark on December 22, 2010 at 10:07 pm

It’s unusual for San Diego to gain national attention for the weather, but this year has turned the city of the sun topsy-turvy with every season. This summer was one of the coldest in decades, and just last month we had the warmest day of the year (it was November). So it shouldn’t surprise many that come the final days of December, San Diego has been boggled down by inches of rain.

After the midnight storm that hit east counties a mere three days before Christmas, roads and residences unprepared for the storm were flooded early into the morning light. Qualcomm Stadium is already flooded several inches deep, though reports indicate the show will go on come Sunday. Meanwhile, last minute shoppers are finding their favorite mall, Fashion Valley, even more packed than normal come this time of year as most roads are closed coming in and out of the place that houses some of shoppers favorite finds.

Much like a post from last year, what is there to do during this wet weather?

Due to the timing, avoiding the malls at all costs is an essential (unless, of course, you’ve forgotten those stocking stuffers). Like most of the nation, a stay-cation is going to be your best bet during this wet weather, once road closures and flooding dies down (which is expected to happen this weekend, just in time for Santa). Pick up a book from the local library, head to a movie at the local cinema (Hillcrest Cinema is a fun adventure no matter what season) or sip hot cocoa while watching the Pacific Ocean’s waves (World Famous in Pacific Beach).


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