Living La Vida Loca in San Juan, Puerto Rico

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Living La Vida Loca in San Juan

Old San Juan is rich in history, full of colorful architecture, cobblestone streets, and is home to some of the best nightclubs in all of Puerto Rico.  During the wee hours of the weekend (1:00 am to 3:00 am) is when the city really comes alive especially along the streets of Calle Fortaleza and San Sebastian where you’ll find an array of clubs, bars, and music venues.

Although drinking in the streets of Puerto Rico is illegal, it seems to be the norm as club goers venture from one venue to another.  During the days and evenings when the cruise ships are docked at the piers, the clubs of Old San Juan will be filled with cruise ship tourists partying before their ship sets sail.

Famous for their freshly made and delicious Cuban mojitos (white rum, lime, sugar, spearmint, water), drinking in the amazing setting of Old San Juan doesn’t come cheap.  A mojito or a martini will set you back at least $8 a drink; but if you’re diligent, you’ll be able to find bottled beer for as little as $2 in the smaller bars vying for cruise ship business.

Some of the hippest clubs along Calle Fortaleza to check out include Dragon Fly, Parrot Club, Basiliko, Sonne, Blend, Fratelli, Pink Shirt, and Milk – the only true dance club in Old San Juan.  San Sebastian is home to Rumba, El Cafe Seda, Nuyorican Cafe, and Nono’s.

If you venture down a couple of streets to Calle Tetuan, you’ll find three clubs worth visiting: The Brick House, The Colmbado Bar, and Barrachina – the original home of the pina colada which is served up today with 151 proof rum (75.5% alcohol volume).  Or check out Club Flow on Ponce de Leon Street.

If you’re over in the Isla Verde area, this is where you’ll find some of largest name hotels and their accompanying lounges scattered along the beach.  Two popular venues that draw crowds every weekend are Monigan’s Irish Bar and the Oyster Bar.  Other bars and clubs to check out in Isla Verde are the Blue Dolphin, La Playita, and Monoco Beach which is perfect for an afternoon refreshment stop.

The Americanized Hard Rock Cafe is a great place to grab a drink and check out the Latin influenced memorabilia including items from Ricky Martin, Jennifer Lopez, and Gloria Estefan.  If you’d like to enjoy a Mexican atmosphere, visit Senor Frogs on Calle Marina where the drinks are served in larger party style cups and the cruise ship passengers flow through as freely as the drinks. Photo Credit: Flow, Puerto Rico by

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