Here Comes the (Winter) Sun

Travel Tips, What's New — By kwanberg on January 20, 2011 at 7:12 pm

Just when we think Old Man Winter has settled in for a comfy stay in Santa Barbara, the clouds part and we wake up to sunny day after sunny day. Today, we’re looking at mid-60s with weekend highs heading toward 70-degrees. Last week, the temperature pushed more than 80-degrees and beaches were packed with surfers, stand-up paddle boarders, and of course, eager (if not pasty) sunbathers. Between you and me, this is not uncommon in January. I have absolutely no scientific basis for this assertion, but as a local resident for 10-plus years, I can tell you that winter—especially January—typically likes to throw the Central Coast a hot and sweaty curve ball. With clear views of the Channel Islands, hills green from autumn rains, and cool (sometimes toasty), sunny days, it’s one of the most beautiful times of the year here. But there’s no telling when we’re going to get so lucky—it could just as easily be cloudy, wet, and windy. We’re just crazy like that in Santa Barbara! This week we’re not only blessed with warm rays, but a winter swell is rolling toward our shores. For wave riders this means SURF!—the sweet, sometimes elusive sport that evokes a fervor often associated with much less legal activities. I thought we should all get pumped up for some waves, sun, and good old fashioned beach fun with an ode to California sunshine, courtesy of the band Dirty Gold.

Photo Courtesy of kazeeee/Flickr

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  • Lucy McConnel says:

    The mere fact that Santa Barbara has 80 degree weather sometimes in January just makes me so appreciate I live close enough to visit and enjoy it. Hitting the great waves is also a plus though, that water isn’t as warm…sadly. A great place I love to stay while enjoying SB’s great weather and saving a dollar or two is at The Sandman Inn ( Great location, and close to all the action, I really enjoy most of what it has to offer.


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