Sunsets in Santiago

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The perfect sunset, a pisco sour in hand, a strain of the cueca (Chile’s national music) heard strumming in the distance. You’re in Chile, and with any luck, in Santiago. And have we got some sunsets for you.

Catching a perfect sunset in Santiago requires two things Santiago has quite alot of. Good vantage points, and smog. Yes smog, those nasty particulates produced by internal combustion engines and factories refract the light in a perfect hue of orange that looks spectacular on your LCD screen, and later on your computer screen, facebook page, flickr, picasa or even printed out and hung on your fridge with magnets. And the mountains in the background certainly don’t hurt.

Some vantage points you might like to check out for your perfect Santiago sunsets include:

Photo courtesy of The.Rohit on Flickr.]

From atop Cerro San Cristobal

[Photo courtesy of Morrissey on flickr.]

Another one from atop Cerro San Cristobal

[Photo courtesy of J Pod on flickr]

From behind Cerro Santa Lucia

[Photo courtesy of Payayita on flickr.]

From Manuel Montt (Providencia) looking south

[Photo courtesy of rhurtubia on flickr.]

From the window of a building looking west towards the mountains

[Photo courtesy of rhurtubia on flickr.]

From any hilltop, like from the soccer fields at the Grange School in Peñalolén

[Photo used by permission from Bearshapedsphere on flickr]

Or from any open area, like this one in Parque de Los Reyes

[Photo courtesy of jorgeloayza on flickr.]

Over the coastal range (looking east)

On the shortest day of the year, (June 21st), the sun sets in Santiago at 5:45 PM, long before the evening commute really gets underway, before dinner, before businesses even close. In contrast, on December 22st, the longest day, the sun sets at 8:52 PM, when dinner is underway or over already and everyone takes advantage of the long days and the glimmer of light in the sky that lasts until well past most kids’ bedtime. Check out this website for Santiago sunrises and sunsets to plan your days accordingly! And a bump up of ISO and a tripod couldn’t hurt.

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