Free Screen-on-the-Green Documentaries in Santiago, Feb 2-5

Nightlife, Things to Do, What's New — By Bearshapedsphere (Eileen Smith) on February 2, 2011 at 1:06 pm

Documentary lovers, park-sitters, passersby and others trying to save some coins for their next humita won’t want to miss this year’s cycle of free documentaries in Parque Forestal.

Screenshot from A la Sombra del Moai

In a somewhat unpredictable pattern, this event was held in 2004, 2009, and again this year. On the MAC (Museo de Arte Contemporanea) side of Parque Forestal, (closest metro Bellas Artes on the Green Line), starting at 9 PM, some fifteen of Chile’s/Chileans’ most storied (and oldest) documentaries will be shown, with a 4-film lineup most nights, where some of them are shorts, like the 1903 Paseo a Playa Ancha (3 minutes), whereas some are nearly feature length. From February 2nd to 5th, every night at 9:00 the reels will start. If past years are any indication, several thousand will turn out over the course of the festival, to sit on the ground in the park, to enjoy (hopefully) a cool evening breeze and to catch some of these films that are hard to catch in most places.

Here’s the lineup:

Tues, Feb 2nd
  • Paseo a Playa Ancha
  • Tres Semanas Después
  • Chile, una Galaxia de Problemas
  • A La Sombra del Moai
Wed, Feb 3rd
  • El Arenal
  • El Poder de la Palabra
  • Registro de Existencia
Thurs, Feb 4th
  • Recuerdos del Mineral El Teniente
  • Como Me Da la Gana
  • Nema Problema
  • Chao Pescao
Fri, Feb 5th
  • Margarita
  • ¿Con Qué Sueñas? El Sueño de Italo
  • Un Hombre Aparte
  • Isabel Allende

And while all the movies are projected in Spanish, you’re here in South America, you must be thinking of improving your language skills, and at least the movie won’t mind if you don’t answer back immediately. And if you can’t get enough of independent movies and documentaries, or end up missing this event, consider catching an indie movie at one of these theaters in Santiago instead. If your curiosity is piqued for more accoladed Chilean movies here are some “must sees” you might want to add to your queue. And while you’re at the event, don’t forget to peep over the side of the river to catch the Mapocho being used as a canvas for light. See you there!

For the official event website, go here.

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