NYT Piece on 36 Hours in Santiago

Things to Do, What's New — By Bearshapedsphere (Eileen Smith) on February 4, 2011 at 4:16 pm

Minimarket below Plaza Italia

36 hours in Santiago seems like an absurdly short amount of time to me, which is probably related to the fact that I’ve been here for more than six years. One New York Times reporter came to the city, and she found fashion everywhere she looked. As many travelers do, she stuck mainly to the area we fondly call “Plaza Italia pa’rriba” or “above Plaza Italia.” Plaza Italia is at the Baquedano metro (and where the Sala de Arte Telef√≥nica is, with frequent, free photo exhibitions), and while much of the city lies below it, much of the visited-by-business-travelers is on the other side.

Of course, that another thing that’s pretty super about Santiago. It has many facets, from she-donkey milk to biking around it (included in the article), nearby wine tours and yes, even trendy places to shop up in Vitacura, though I usually choose Patronato (link forthcoming!). You could write a piece about Santiago as fashionable, Santiago as a great place for kids, Santiago as a jumping-off point for winery tours, skiing, etc. It’s also great for lovers of old architecture, cobblestoned streets, fascinating contrasts, urban hiking, public art, and much more.

All of which means, yes. 36 hours in Santiago. And more. make it 48, make it 72, or make it a few years. Book your ticket, pick up a little Chilean Spanish and make the place your own. While more expats are calling it home every day, there are still few enough that you can have the city all to yourself (along with about 7 million residents). Es hora de hacer las maletas (time to pack your bags).

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