Duff Beer Make its Appearance in Chile (no kidding)

Food, Nightlife — By Bearshapedsphere (Eileen Smith) on March 15, 2011 at 11:23 pm

In a move that problably has the whole Chilean craft beer network picking hops more furiously than before (except that most hops are imported here), a beer called Duff, after Homer Simpson’s famed beer will shortly be hitting the Chilean market.

CNN Español reports that Duff beer, which will be fabricated in San Bernardo, Chile, is licensed to a group of Chileans who paid for the branding. The beer, in with its signature red label and handwritten font reading Duff across the front, will be available in bars and discos for 1500 CLP (around 3 dollars) for 330 ml, which is the size of a single-serving beer.

Duff beer officially debuts tonight, so go out there and grab a beer that’s named for the human posterior. You may be the only one who knows. Donuts sold separately.

If you’d like to watch the original video and practice your Spanish at the same time, click on this link to be redirected to the CNN webpage story.

Tune in soon for talk about actual craft beers, of which there are many quality options here in Chile.

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