Good News for Lovers of Argentine Cinema in Santiago, May 16-31

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Argentine Films at the Centro Cultural Palacaio La Moneda May 16-31

Film lovers and Argentinaphiles have good news this week from the CCPLM, (Centro Cultural Palacio La Moneda), which will be showing a series of 16 movies spanning three generations representing cinema from Argentina. Every night for the second half of May there will be standout films from Argentina shown, representing Argentine cinema from the years 1966 through 2011 in the Cineteca Nacional, located in the second sub basement of the Centro Cultural Palacio La Moneda.

The film festival is sponsored by the CCPLM and the Argentine Embassy, in commemoration of May 25th, a national holiday in Argentina, and will also be in homage to Franklin Caicedo, a well-known Chilean actor who acted in the film that will kick off the event on May 16th, the 1974 movie “Patagonia Rebelde” (Rebel Patagonia). Note: this film only requires an invitation, the other films are open to the public.

Another important film to be shown, and the oldest of the lot is also considered to be one of the best from Argentine cinematic history, the film “El Romance del Aniceto y la Francisca,” which depicts life in rural Argentina near Mendoza around the year 1966, when it was filmed.

Films from the 80s and beyond show life as the dictatorship was ending through post-dictatorship times, while films from the 1990s to the present represent a more experimental, independent time for Argentine cinematography.

A complete list of the films to be shown can be seen here on the CCPLM website (Spanish).

What: Two weeks of Argentine movies
When: May 16-31, 2011, nightly at 7:00 PM
Where: Centro Cultural Palacio La Moneda. Tres generaciones de Cine Argentino
Cost: 500 CLP (about a dollar)
How to Get There: Take the red line metro to Metro La Moneda

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