“Our Body: The Universe Within” Exhibit Open at Mall Plaza Vespucio

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Our Body Exhibit at Mall Plaza Vespucio

The world-reknowned science-experiment-meets-museum exhibit called “Our Body: the Universe Within” has opened at an exhibition space in one of Santiago’s many shopping malls. The exhibit shows actual polymer-preserved human organs with a goal of educating visitors about health and the consequences of unhealthy lifestyle choices.

The exhibition is one of several that has traveled around the world, with exhibits consisting of humans bodies preserved, divested of their skin and hair, and cut into pieces and put on display. The exhibition has not been without its protestors in a variety of countries, including Paris where organizers were ordered to shut it down, with the court saying it offended public sensibilities, and experts saying that dead bodies belong in cemetaries, not on display. Read an article related to this topic here. The bodies of 17 Chinese men and women are on display, preserved by replacing liquids and fats in their bodies with a plastic resin. The fact that the bodies are from China has led some to ask, given that country’s history of human rights violations and the fact that it still administers the death penalty, whether the bodies were obtained in a lawful manner.

However, the organizers and scientists behind the display say it is in the name of science, and that none of the materials on display should be shocking to viewers. At any rate, the exhibition has already been seen by more than 30 million people in its round the world tour, including stops in other cities in France, Spain, the US and Germany, and according to local media, Chilean school children will come to the exhibit on class trips.

The exhibit is ongoing until July 2nd at the Mall Plaza Vespucio, in the comuna of La Florida on level 3 of the mall. Entry costs 7,000 CLP for adults and 5,000 CLP for children up to 12.

What: Our Body: The Universe Within
Where: Mall Plaza Vespucio
How much: 5000 CLP children, 7,000 CLP adults (tickets available at TicketMaster)
How to get there: Take the Green Line Metro to Bellavista de La Florida station in La Florida
When: Until June 2nd

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  • angelica says:

    necesito comunicarme con empresa de la exibición para llevar grupos de estudiantes de provincia a la muestra y los costos que estos tienen para ellos como escolares

  • Bearshapedsphere (Eileen Smith) says:

    Te recomiendo a que te comuniques en directo con la empresa. No publicaron un precio especial para escolares, pero a lo mejor te puedes conseguir algo.


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