Cool old Chilean toys on display!

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Though as foreigners, most of us won’t have the actual nostalgia of seeing our own old toys on display, there’s something historical and lovely about seeing the toys your classmates and neighbors may have played with under glass in a sweet display at the Centro Cultural Palacio La Moneda.

There are more than 600 toys on display including stuffed animals, pull toys, dolls, tin soldiers, musical instruments, model airplanes, and scale models, all from 1915 to 1975, all from the collection of the sculptor Juan Antonio Santis. It’s a fun view into an old Chile that’s just below the surface. Go with your favorite Chilean or eavesdrop a little as folks look with wonder at toys they used to have on their shelves.

Big attractions for Chileans will include a papier maché bear from 1915, a model of Condorito, a Chilean comic book favorite and a soda vending machine from 1955.

The exhibit is in the two large rooms in the third subbasement, where there are also coin-operated and pedal toys for kids ages 3-7 from the original “Juegos Diana,” a traditional arcade located on the street San Diego, downtown, and south of the Alameda.

If you’d like to learn more about the toys, you might want to pick up a copy of the collector’s book, “Juguetes. 100 años de fabricación chilena” (Toys, 100 years of Chilean manufacture).

What: Expo of children’s toys in Chile
Where: Centro Cultural Palacio La Moneda (under the Moneda), 3rd subbasement
How to get there: Metro La Moneda
When: May 7 to July 2011, M-F 9 AM- 7 PM
Cost: 1,000 CLP general admission, students and retirees, 500 CLP, free M-F before noon
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