Brunch in Santiago

Food — By Bearshapedsphere (Eileen Smith) on October 22, 2011 at 3:08 pm

Brunch is a relatively new concept in Chile, in fact, you may have to explain it to your Chilean friends. They have a pretty solid concept of what is lunch and what is breakfast, and a never-the-twain-shall-meet opinion about the two. In addition, goodies such as waffles and pancakes for breakfast are seldom seen, as these are considered dessert by most Chileans.

Disclaimer notwithstanding, here are a couple of places where you can get brunch or something brunch-like on the weekends.

Café Melba– This spot up in El Bosque Norte is Kiwi-owned, and serves an American-style brunch (a la carte, no buffet here) on weekends. Eggs benedict, hash browns, waffles, etc, all appear on the menu, and coffee is great.

Patagonia in the Lastarría neighborhood near Plaza Mulato Gil de Castro has a bit of everything for brunch, for a price. At nearly $20, it’s certainly more than you’d pay for a simple breakfast, but the selection of eggs and othe goodies makes it worth it. Also, th neighborhood is perfect for a pre- or post-brunch stoll, among the antiques, museums and classisc cobblestoned streets.

The Ritz Carlton– everything is world-class at the Ritz Carlton in Santiago, and they offer a brunch to the public, which in recent years has become more lunch-like and less American-style brunch, but still wroth checking out. What it lacks in traditional brunch food, it makes up for with an international flair, including sushi.

Feature photo by Annie Mole on Flickr.

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