Top Places to Eat Italian Food in Santiago

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Unlike Argentina, specifically Buenos Aires, most of Chile does not have a long history with Italy, or the delicious food that comes from there. That means that it’s not just any old place that can fix you a good pasta dish or delicious pizza. You’re probably not going to discover a corner trattoria that no one has ever heard of before. But here are some good tried-and-true restaurants for italophiles, and a tip for making the meal yourself at your hostel for a shade less money.

In no particular order, consider the following restaurants for places to get your Italian fix here in Santiago.

Tiramisu is a long-time favorite among foreigners and Chileans, with their main selling point being their pizzas. It is a bustling place, up in El Golf, full of families and couples. Their pizza has a delectable thin crust and quality cheese. Toppings are between traditional and Chilean/nouveau, with hearts of palms and arugula available, but sausage and pepperoni also on the list.″>Golfo di Napoli is a little bit off the beaten path, in Ñuñoa, but with its Neopolitan-style pizza, large portions and low prices, it is worth a visit. Pasta sauces can veer towards liquidy, but the pasta is cooked properly, and the meat lasagna is massive. Try to go in a group so you can try a few different styles of pizzas and pastas. The owners are happy to make a pizza that is half-and-and half, and every meal begins with pieces of rustic bread with fresh ricotta.

El Ciudadano is a lively, brick building not far from the Santa Isabel Metro that fills to the brim every weekend night, and deserves a reservation on most days. It excels at pizzas, which are brick-oven baked, and have interesting toppings like smoked salmon and capers, but also more traditional, like 4 seasons. There are also pasta dishes and salads on the menu, and a good drinks and wine menu.

Coquinaria has sauces and pastas to rave about, including a few squash-stuffed and herbed varieties. The restaurant, set on tony Isidora Goyonochea will set byou back some, but it’s an agreeable outdoor shaded patio with excellent service, and the rood really is that good. If you’re feeling a little budget-conscious, go inside and look in the pasta section of the store for some of the same dishes, ready to take home and prepare.

Nolita a restaurant with complex flavors and smoe more hard-to-find ingredients, like ravioli stuffed with ricotta and wild boar, it is lauded by locals and foreigners alike, who rave about the seafood dishes, such as trout stuffed with spinach. It’s up in El Golf, where there are many fine restaurants, should you decide this one is not to your liking.

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