Saint Patrick’s Day 2012 in Santiago

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Photo by Umberto Fisterol on Flickr.

Spending Saint Patrick’s day far from home in Santiago, Chile? Where summertime is just coming to an end, and it feels like nothing Irish at all is going on? Don’t panic, because Santiago has a large number of Irish bars, to sit, while away the hours, drink your Irish beer and be in the company of other travelers who wouldn’t have St. Patrick’s day any other way.

Here’s a few to get you started. Most people will probably choose a bar and stick with it for the night, since they’re not that close to one another, and once you’ve got a comfortable spot in one place, it’s hard to imagine packing it up and shoehorning yourself into someplace else. Below are a set of Irish bars and St. Patrick’s Day-celebrating bars in Santiago to choose from.

Dublin has mostly Chilean food and a couple of Irish beers on its menu, but will surely fill up with revelers on Saint PatrickĀ“s Day all the same due to the name and Irish theme.

Celtika is the newcomer to the bunch, in Patio Bellavista and probably the most Irish of the lot, with Irish owners, and you can even get beans on toast.

Flannery’s is the oldest of the lot, up in El Golf, and because of its location and a long tradition of people spending Saint Patrick’s Day there, will likely be a very lively party.

Saint Patrick’s Day may be more Irish-themed than Irish per se, but that won’t stop people from piling into this Barrio Brasil bar for some Chilean style chorrillana (a pile of fries with caramelized onions and meat on top) and Irish beer.

California Cantina is not strictly an Irish bar, but anytime there’s a gringo-celebrated holiday, they pull out all the stops, whether it’s Fourth of July, the Superbowl, or, indeed, Saint Patrick’s day.

Keep your eye out as the event gets closer for posters advertising Jameson Whiskey parties, which tend to happen uptown in clubs in Las Condes. Now go out there and have yourself some craic.

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