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Photo Essay: Edible Santiago

Photo Essay: Edible Santiago March 31, 2012 | Food | Read More
Image Paul Lowry. Completos are a Chilean classic, a giant hotdog slathered with avocado, tomatoes and mayonnaise. They’re an inexpensive (and filling) lunch or late night bar snack.

Best Cheap Eats in Santiago, Chile

Best Cheap Eats in Santiago, Chile November 14, 2011 | Food | Read More
When you’re travelling, food can be the greatest joy or your largest frustration. When travelling on a budget, eating something filling and tasty while trying not to have to orego other essentials like where to sleep and transportation, is essential. In Santiago, cheap eats means basically three...

Chilean Humitas, a Dish for Summer

Chilean Humitas, a Dish for Summer January 26, 2011 | Food | Read More
Chilean Humita Back when I was a teacher here, my Chilean students always asked me how to say the name of certain local dishes. The truth is, if they don’t exist in the US, it’s unlikely we have an exact name for them, things being mainly called by their ingredients, where pastel de choclo...

Chilean Seasonal Fruit Not to Miss-Nisperos

Chilean Seasonal Fruit Not to Miss-Nisperos December 13, 2010 | Food | Read More
At this time of year, Chile is at its fruit-yielding prime, with cherries and strawberries leading the way, peaches and plums dropping in price. And nestled among the more well-known fruits is one of my favorites, the níspero. (NIECE-per-oh) Nisperos, called loquats in Chinese (and by some English...

Supermarket Snacks, Santiago Style

Supermarket Snacks, Santiago Style July 8, 2010 | Food | Read More
Most people who come to Santiago do so because it’s a great place to be for a couple of days before heading into the fabulously lush lakes region to the south, or the ultradry desert outpost of San Pedro de Atacama in the north, or points in between. Long bus rides are par for the course, and long...