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Daytrip from Santiago: Pomaire

Daytrip from Santiago: Pomaire February 27, 2012 | Things to Do, Travel Tips | Read More
You can also catch a folkloric show in Pomaire. Photo: Pedro Villavicencio. Santiago has quite a lot to offer, but it’s hard to get to know Chile, precisely, when you’re within the city. For a close-by look into more of the huaso (Chilean cowboy) culture, as well as a chance to buy low-priced,...

Souvenir Shopping in Santiago

Souvenir Shopping in Santiago February 19, 2012 | Things to Do | Read More
Photo: rodri_gop. A fun part of many people’s trip is thinking about what to bring home for those who you left behind. While it’s nice to send a postcard, there’s also a certain satisfaction in bringing out a souvenir you picked up on the road, and tell the story behind it. Where you...

La Vega, Santiago’s real “central market”

La Vega, Santiago’s real “central market” February 14, 2012 | Food, Things to Do | Read More
  Photo: La Bicicleta Verde If you’re coming to Santiago, everyone will tell you to go to the central market to have lunch. Fair enough. It’s tourist-friendly (and tourist-priced), you get to sit in a large, bustling pretend market and possibly have an accordion player amble through...

Stuck in SCL (Santiago Airport) During the Holidays (or at any time?) Enjoy it!

Stuck in SCL (Santiago Airport) During the Holidays (or at any time?) Enjoy it! November 4, 2010 | What's New | Read More
Don’t sweat a layover in Santiago. There’s plenty to do. Waiting in the airport, courtesy of bobster855 on Flickr. Travelers on a round-the-world ticket, people travelling within Chile and other creative frequent flier mile users may find themselves in Santiago’s airport with a little...

Surviving the Santiago Supermarket

Surviving the Santiago Supermarket August 18, 2010 | Travel Tips | Read More
You’re toodling away through your day in Santiago, perhaps already having seen some of the sights, like Cerro San Cristobal, or the PreColumbian Art Museum, when hunger starts to gnaw at you. But you’re on a budget, and don’t want to blow it all on a meal, despite some of the great...
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