Weather or Not: Indoors Activities for a Wet SP Weekend

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An ode to classical music, the International Winter Festival in Campos do Jordão, is one way to escape the rain this weekend (image courtesy of The International Winter Festival).

The torrential showers soaking São Paulo could stick around to put a literal damper on the weekend, according to local weather websites.

Forecasts for surrounding cities and beaches appear little better, meaning Paulistanos might be forced to take a rain check on travel plans and withstand a wet final de semana in the city.  Moreover, the metropolis’s classic Saturday and Sunday activities—exercising in Parque do Ibirapuera, hanging out in Praça de Benedito Calixta and strolling along Avenida Paulista, for example—could potentially be invitations to illness. So folks in São Paulo will have to look for alternative, indoors options for getting out of the house without getting drenched.

Two ongoing festivals offer potential remedies for impending cabin fever, as well as opportunities to soak up some culture.

The fifth-annual Latin America film festival winds down this weekend with screenings at six locations across the city—from Barra Funda to Cidade Universitária.

The Saturday late show (9 p.m.) at the Sala Cinemateca BNDES in Vila Clementina promises “breast-feeding, sexuality, drugs and religion in prison.” Leite e Ferro (Milk and Iron), a Brazilian film from director Claudia Priscilla, is one of the festival’s few new arrivals, with some movies as old as 1964.

Dawson, Isla 10, the 8 p.m. showing Friday at the Museu da Imagem e do Som in Jardim Europa, is worth a watch for those who can endure heavy historical material. The collaboration between Chile, Brazil and Spain recounts the aftermath of Augusto Pinochet’s coup in Chile, and the tough fate of ministers from the Salvador Allende’s ousted government.


Video: Dawson, Isla 10 official trailer

The festival’s full schedule is available here.

The 41st International Winter Festival of Campos do Jordão, meanwhile, continues through August 1. The month-long exhibition is among Latin America’s premier displays of classical music. The festival, which began on July 3, boasts a total of 80 concerts, doubling the agenda from 2009.


Video: A sample performance from the festival

Campos do Jordão is located in São Paulo state, about 180 kilometers outside of the capital, and is accessible by buses from Rodoviária Tietê.

For the first time this year, the city of São Paulo also will host a series of the festival’s shows. The closing performance by the Festival Orchestra will take place on August 1 at the Sala São Paulo. The SESC Vila Mariana will also be a site of several recitals.

The winter festival’s full lineup is available here.

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