Five Under-the-Radar Locales in SP

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Even for natives, getting to know each inch of São Paulo can be like learning even the tiniest grooves on a Latin America Memorial-sized palm. Nossa, it’s hard enough to comb over the entire city using the Google Maps click-and-drag function, let alone on foot.

So naturally there are dozens of places that savvy travelers and guidebooks might overlook. And, most likely, another ten will have opened or closed by the time you’re finished reading this blog. Such is life here in the South American megalopolis, where keeping the pulse of the city would require a sea of stethoscopes.

The list below, however, shines a little more light on some of São Paulo’s shadows, as NileGuide brings you five of Sampa’s best little-known attractions (ones that should stick around for a while). So enjoy, and don’t forget to let us know some of your favorite spots from off of the beaten path. It takes a village to know this city.

  • Beco de Batman: The Bat Cave. The name just implies stealth. Graffiti artists have claimed this alleyway in Vila Madalena as a tortuous communal canvas. The walls of the labyrinth are spray-painted with Technicolor ripples, personal mantras and mythical beasts. Casa Redonda is a nearby nook for visitors to eat, drink or read away the afternoon.

Graffiti lines the walls of the Beco de Batman in Vila Madalena (image courtesy of Josh Miller)

  • Bar Secreto: This hidden bar in Pinheiros was more secretive before Madonna visited and made it into a stop on the unofficial pop-culture tour of São Paulo (hmm… now there’s an idea for a guide). But Bar Secreto still attracts one of the more diverse crowds in São Paulo.
  • Ceagesp: While the produce, dairy and meat kiosks of Mercado Municipal attract 14,000 visitors per day to the covered bazaar, Ceagesp in Vila Leopoldinha quietly offers up a greater selection, fresher supplies and cheaper prices. This is why São Paulo’s street vendors restock their inventories here.
  • Samba da Laje: The monthly get-together in southern São Paulo’s Vila Santa Catarina features one of the city’s best feijoadas (stew). Many famous sambistas, furthermore, have gotten their starts here.
  • Ton Hoi – The eatery in Butanta is considered by many Paulistanos to be Sampa’s best Chinese restaurant. The prices are reasonable considering the restaurant’s high quality and generous quantities.
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