Another Glamour passes by at Kiss and Fly (and Buddha Bar)

Nightlife — By jmiller on December 8, 2010 at 12:40 am

With Dukka Calliery joining Fabio Pagnozzi in the DJ booth at Kiss & Fly club and Buddha Bar in Itaim, the Glamour party again lived up to its billing as São Paulo’s house music stronghold.

DJ Fabio Pagnozzi looks out over the approving crowd (image credit: Josh Miller)

By midnight the line outside already wrapped throughout the surrounding Villa Daslu complex. Inside, there was little standing around. Calliery, visiting from Kadoc Disco in Portugal, and Pagnozzi, Kiss & Fly’s resident DJ, entranced eardrums with an hour-long set of funky “Balearic swing house” beats (listen here), while dancers, laser shows and jugglers served up the evening’s optic stimuli. DJs Fadi Alameddine, Gui Ferraz and Erik Trevisan also performed, among others.

DJ Dukka Calliery prepares for his set (image credit: Josh Miller)

The dance floor, augmented by pre-party furniture rearrangements, filled with fist-pumping revelers. In the days since the event, attendees have rehashed their Glamour experiences on the event’s Facebook page.

Since Kiss & Fly, sister club of its New York City’s namesake, launched here in 2009, the afterhours disco has become one São Paulo’s, if not Brasil’s, trendiest and most exclusive nightlife destinations. Entrance for homems starts at Rs. 120, with ladies getting in for approximately half of that price. But those arriving after 12:30 p.m. rarely get in at all. The club regularly hits its capacity early in the night, and maintains its crowd until closing time at 6 a.m.

The line outside forms early (image credit: Josh Miller)

The Glamour parties started in May of this year and organizers bill its clientele as “select and elegant.” But we’ll let you be the judge…

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