Christmas Quente: São Paulo Hits Beaches for Holidays

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Camburi, Litoral Norte, SP

The first two installments of this three-part series on Christmas in São Paulo examined the best family-friendly activities and shopping destinations. In the final edition, NileGuide São Paulo (@NG_SaoPaulo) looks at another integral element of the holiday season Sampa-style: leaving for the beaches.

For those without families in São Paulo, the beach becomes an orphanage at Natal (Christmas). There will be no gifts from the North Pole but Litoral Norte (the northern coastline of São Paulo state) is in a giving mood. Palm trees, sand and sun—this is how Christmas started 2,010 years ago in Bethlehem!

Once Silent Night turns into Christmas Day, the rest of São Paulo starts to join the caravan coast-ward. Beaches from the southern border with Santa Catarina to the tip of northern neighbor Rio de Janeiro fill with Paulistanos. City folk bid farewell to the metropolis for surf and cerveja (beer) in places with names like Toque-Toque, Boiçucanga and Caraguatatuba.

The São Paulo seashore boasts ambiances to appease all appetites. Looking for tranquility and isolation? Fix a picnic and make the trek to São Sebastião’s Praia Preta. Want a more social experience? Grab your surfboard and head to Maresias, where clubs like Sirena assure the fun between the set and rise of the sun.

For a comprehensive list of places to stay and things to do, Portuguese readers can check out Guia Folha this week. Folha’s weekly insert dedicated nine pages this Friday to restaurants, bars, guest houses and other places of interest from Peruibe to Ubatuba.

Happy sledding… errr, swimming.

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