Elegance and History in Savannah Resorts

Hotels — By Lauren Quinn on May 5, 2010 at 8:07 pm

When you think “resort,” you probably envision swimming pools, golf courses and grand views. But how about elegant history, fine art and, oh, horse-drawn carriages? If there’s any place to find such sweet romantic nostalgia, it’s in Savannah.

Sure, the city’s got oceanside resorts full of modern amenities like WiFi and fitness clubs. But if you really want to immerse yourself in the spirit of Georgia, and the way in which the region’s finest have been indulging for decades, these three resorts are the places to go. Some might involve a bit of a drive, but we swear it’ll be worth it.

Along the Georgia coast, Sea Island is a luxury resort destination par excellence. With an array for five-star lodging facilities and outdoor activities ranging from golf, to kayaking classes, to a 13-acre equestrian center, Sea Island may sound overwhelming. But one look at the natural seaside setting and one gust of fresh ocean air, and you’ll immediately be put at ease. Indulge in everything from massages to 24-hour butler service. Delivering warm hospitality since 1928, the resort’s 80-plus years of success are focused around preserving its greatest natural asset: the stunning scenery.

Another seaside retreat steeped in even more opulent history, Jekyll Island Club Hotel pays homage to its glamorous past while delivering some seriously swanky amenities. The landmark was a social club for Savannah’s elite and its restoration efforts have been focused on more than just maintaining the exquisite Victorian building. Hosting everything from historic tours to croquet to horse-drawn carriage rides, the resort immerses you in the high life of Georgia’s yesterday—and the beauty of its coastline.

But if you don’t want to head totally out of the city, and want to indulge in the heart of the Historic District,¬†Mansion on Forsyth Park is the place to go. A boutique-hotel-cum-resort, the lavish neo-Romanesque¬†building is enhanced by more than 400 works of fine art—even its own Grand Bohemian Gallery. Versace armchairs and Beaux Arts statues adorned the mansion that includes a marble garden courtyard and Viennese ballroom. You may forget what era you’re in, but you certainly won’t forget where you are: Savannah.