A Day in Kirkland, WA

Things to Do — By Michelle Schusterman on September 2, 2010 at 11:54 pm

After attending the fourth annual Kirkland Uncorked Wine Festival earlier this summer, a few of the wonderful city hall folks I met invited me back for a day to check out Kirkland on a regular, not wine-crazed day.

We started out with lunch at Meze Mediterranean Deli. Now, I’m a sucker for falafel, hummus and anything with feta cheese. But this place was truly special.

We were fortunate enough to meet owner and chef Abraham Pekin, a wonderful host who clearly takes great pride in everything he serves, whether it’s a glass of fresh-squeezed lemonade or lamb shish kebap. Take a look at what graced our table:

Panini with hummus, roasted eggplant and red peppers, grilled online, feta and parsley

Zucchini pancakes with shepherd and Papyon salad and pita

Falafel sandwich with homemade tahini sauce and tabuli

And as colorful as that looks, the taste was even better. A really incredible meal.

We walked off lunch at Juanita Bay Park, and stopped to enjoy the peace and quiet at a spot overlooking part of the park’s over 100 acres of wetland. One of the things I love most about Seattle and all its surrounding towns and cities is that you can be in the most downtown of downtown spots one minute, then overlooking something like this the next:

So what is there in Kirkland, aside from great food, wine and wetlands? Two things, namely: Consignment shops and art galleries. I confess I’m not a big shopper, but art galleries I could spend days in. We visited the Parklane Art Gallery, where the artists in exhibition also happen to work, and met the lovely young artist responsible for this gorgeous photography:

The sunny weather pulled us back outside, and we headed to the Wednesday Market on the water. As far as farmer’s markets come and go, this was a really beautiful one. I’m always in awe of the floral offerings at Pike Place, but these $5 and $10 arrangements blew my mind:

A beautiful end to a really great day. I have to say, when I first went out to Kirkland for the wine festival, I wasn’t sure what to expect – probably just your standard suburban area – but this is a unique place, and one worth a trip for sure.

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