Sleepless in Seattle: Places to Hang Out All Night

Food, Nightlife — By Michelle Schusterman on October 11, 2010 at 4:52 am

I love sleep. A lot. And I get angry when it eludes me. But getting out and finding someplace to hang with like-minded sleep-deprived folks sure beats staring at the ceiling. Seattle is known as a quiet city as far as nightlife goes, but if you find yourself as wide awake as Meg Ryan (but with no Tom to listen to on the radio), get out and enjoy one of these spots in the city that are open 24 hours.

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Five Point Cafe

This is the oldest bar in Belltown; which, if you’ve been in the area, you know is a significant achievement. This place has been around serving up booze to loyal patrons since the Great Depression. The entire menu, including breakfast, is served 24 hours, and features good old greasy diner fare like an 11oz chicken fried steak – the perfect meal to punish your insomnia. And while the bar might close at 2am, don’t worry. It opens four hours later, so you can pound a beer before catching the bus to work.

13 Coins

So even your sleepless self isn’t willing to slum it – no problem. Filet mignon, veal picatta, Australian coldwater rock lobster and seafood omlettes are just a few of the choices available on the 13 Coins 24 hour menu. This place was voted #2 in the Food Network’s Top Five Best Late Night Restaurants spot, making it a far superior alternative to counting sheep.

A round dozen in this mouth says yes, my arteries say dear god no.

Beth’s Cafe

Another winner – this time for breakfast. (And let’s face it; when you’re chowing down at 3am, nothing really sounds better than eggs and hash browns, right?) But if you have a deep fear of cholesterol, stay away: The omelette choices include 6 egg or 12 egg. Let me say that again: 12 Egg Omelette. And hey, add chili to that bad boy, and toss in a bacon waffle on the side. Because the bad decisions we make after midnight don’t have to include alcohol.

Memos Mexican Food

I hear you – no syrup-laden pancakes, no greasy eggs. Just because it’s late doesn’t mean you need to abandon your healthy eating habits. May I offer you a jumbo chile relleno burrito instead? That’s just one of the options at Memo’s. You’ve got everything here to satisfy your Mexican food craving; tacos, enchiladas, quesadillas, fajitas, and no less than 18 combo platter options. It’s okay; I hear guacamole is good for sleep deprivation. Eat without guilt.

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